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January 29, 2012
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LH: Fiacre by TanakaHaru LH: Fiacre by TanakaHaru
Heres My application to :iconlove-hotel:, *crosses fingers* Here's my sexy boy..
*Edit*: Ok so I have added alot more to the history as I felt it looked abit flat before and didn't give Fiacre much of a history..anyway I hope it is alright and enjoy ^^
He's accepted, get ready people's
New info in bold ^^

Name: Fiacre Louvel (Raven)
Age: 21 (birthday: 18th May)
Nationality: German/French
Height: 5"10

Specialty: Using his mouth-he has been messing with objects in his mouth since he was young. From biting pens, to sucking on the cords of his earphones, he usually has something he is either biting or sucking on.
-Kissing- from using his mouth he has become more skilled with kissing and will tease his company in various different ways of kissing from rough bits on others lips to deep throat 'massages'
-Tormenting perverts on the internet and others in his line of view- Fiacre likes to tease and annoy others who are new of just come into their line of view, from it being just staring and winking to sneaking up on them and letting his hands just wonder.
-(may take a while to become submissive or obey to any requests-he's a very stubborn person and likes to be in control rather than follow it.)
-Tying up others and using feathers-he has always used silk to tie up company but has recently started to use large soft feathers to test the limits of them.

Tennants position: Masochist

-Overpowering people
-Teasing others by speaking sexually in german/french
-Black silk or any soft material that can be used to tie up people.
-Suggestive music
-To be seduced in foreign languages.

-Women and the way they exploit their bodies for attention
-Touchy feely crap (soppyness)
-Gentle sex
-Recieving sympathy from others.

Fiacre is a very manipulative and gets his own way alot of the times. He can be quiet, which would be quite worrying as that means he is usually up to something he shouldn't be. He does have a vunerable side and can lash out, when he loses it. In his free time, he also likes to torment others, by speaking seductively in german, usually in public areas, tie a black, satin blindfold around their head and tease them. (he leaves at the best part to torment them)
Fiacre is quite stubborn and loathes attention sometimes..(ok alot of the time)

Fiacre was born in a city of Germany. His mother didn't want him and use to take it out on him until she left, to exploit her body. Due to stress of being alone, Fiacre's father used to paint erotic pictures to stay somewhat sane. To stay sane himself, Fiacre would go to a small lake, close to where he lived and would study the beauty of dragonflies for hours on end.
At the age of 5, things became worse and they found it hard to live from day to day. Fiacre still blames himself or what happened to his father and can question his existance. He feels like a wingless dragonfly, no where to fly freely and useless. He has never but has come close to 'a beautiful death' as he calls it. On his 13th birthday, Fiacre went into his father's room and discovered a series of sketch pads that contained very erotic images of male/male relationships, seeing that his son had gone quiet, he went to his room and found Fiacre looking at all of the drawings.
His father supprised but not really ashamed, explained everything to Fiacre.
However, his father's family weren't so understanding. They separated Fiacre and his father, and took Fiacre under their wing, to 'remove' the 'devil' that was inside him. (His family were strict catholics, Fiacre's father tried to prevent him from being stuck in such a strict family). However, Fiacre was very stubborn and such acts of brainwashing and violence didn't make him change his mind.
During, his time living with his other relatives, he used to send short stories to his father that were based on some of the images he saw painted. This made his father proud of what he did and kept these short stories in a small box that was eventually buried with him. When Fiacre was 17 his father died suddenly. He still feels guilt about not seeing his father's final moments. When it was his father's funeral, there was a single inscription on his grave saying, 'Never give up on what makes you happy'. This is why his actions can be quite sadistic and not sweet and sensitive. To keep his fathers memory alive, Fiacre started writing male/male stories. (Also started writing out his own dark fantasies).
From 17 to now, Fiacre has been alone, he may have a few invitations to conventions from time to time, however he has no feeling for them and doesn't feel comfortable, even though he is an attention seaker. When walking late at night once he came across a hotel that sparked his interest he walked by the door and came across a interesting red head that called himself the Master, feeling that he could get his needs there and move away from unwanted and dangerous thoughts.
During these recent weeks of meeting a new tennant of the Lanua Peccati, his health has gotten worse. He has developed an 'interest' for him but is also conflicted between another. With the sudden stress he almost took an attempt of his life, but was talked out of it by Patch McGullson, and Xander Morales. (So has developed a sense of fear to the kitchen, with the reason of not trusting himself as of yet.)
Recently he was stabbed by an ex friend, since this guys obssession got increasingly worse. Due to another scrap with another tennant '<D' he opened his wound again then had it stitched back up by the same person.
Is in a confusing spot and has gotten jealous of a friend of his causing him to raise his hand for the first time in his life. This caused an argument between them. Fiacre stupidly feeling low, told his friend 'Why didn't you let me die?', causing his friend to flee and fall down the stairs hitting his head. Yet again they are now in hospital.
Fiacre has admitted his love for Alex and over the past weeks their relationship has grown, yes many a tear was shed and jealous can be a bitch but, through all these they still seem to keep together. He also plans to ask out Alex soon even though it make cause him to cry....again or become mute and such a sissy -_-

Additional information:
-Has a pair of dragonfly wings on his shoulder blades (find out for yourself to see the beauty)
-Has a hobby of painting on someones body (past experience)
-Loves everything about apples
-Has a fetish of black silk and satin (loves the feel of it on his body)
-He plays very suggestive music to get him into the mood of writing.
-Teasing Gage is fun
- Loves Damien's way of acting, and how he persuades
-Shouldn't of let Jack see him in a cat costume.
-Has recently become quite stressed recently and caused him to be exhausted physically and mentally. He is usually the healthiest one around...
-Has a tattoo with german script on his arm, which is currently unfinished. (Has 4 tattoos and another one soon to come)
-Has two pairs of earrings in both ears now.
-Dying his hair platinum blonde didn't go down well with other tennants.
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Surridya Jul 2, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this betch ain't no maso, he a damn sadist :icondatassplz:
Tana Wifey you know what i mean~
and Fi i just want to hug you /;-;/
so sad bby~
TanakaHaru Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He is an awkward little bugger too XD
He's up for cuddles, especially for Alex eue.
*throws Patch* Look what you are doing to the poor boy.

Patch: :iconishipthemsohardplz: I sorry....
TanakaHaru Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fi: *hugs tight* Nein Patch, don't cry it was my fault. I vas being stupid.
TanakaHaru Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fiacre: Oh you, you big bear XD
Patch: :iconstudmuffinplz: y'know it.
Hm! This is good. : D
TanakaHaru Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you <3
Tea-why Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD He looks awesome
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